About Us

Operated by a small team of finance specialists, MUNRO™ Finance specialises in providing short-term loans to businesses.

With over 20 years of finance, accounting and legal experience, our team has expertise to ensure you get the best possible short term financing solution for your business.

  • Simple application
  • Apply online
  • Fast approvals
  • Business loans
  • Short term loans - 2-3 months
  • Tax debt loans
  • Loans up to $5M

Business Loans

Providing short-term business solutions. Simple, solution-focused assistance to business owners who need fast access to capital.

  • First Mortgage Loans
  • Second Mortgage Loans
  • Caveat Loans
  • Tailored Finance Packages
  • Line of credit

MUNRO™ Finance is an asset lender. This means that we lend businesses money against the value of their assets, usually a property. The funds provided by MUNRO™ Finance must be used for business purposes.

  • Working capital
  • ATO / BAS Financing
  • Bridging Finance
  • Business expansion
  • Stock purchase
  • Property Development financing
  • Business line of credit.
  • Early payout without penalty

Who Our Loans Aren’t For

We work with Australian businesses of any size in any industry, including those seeking loans for small businesses. There are, however, a few situations where we are unable to provide a loan product, specifically to businesses that:

  • Have declared bankruptcy
  • Plan to use the funds for personal expenditure or investment
  • Do not own any assets
  • Cannot demonstrate how they will pay back their loan (this could be through sale of stock, refinancing with a traditional lender, cash flow, or sale of others assets etc.).

Loan Applications

To apply it is as simple as…

The application form requires the following information

  • The loan amount and term requested
  • The purpose for the loan
  • Proposed repayment methods
  • The business registration details
  • The details of the individual borrowers
  • Details of the security property
  • A brief statement of assets and liabilities.
  • A copy of drivers licence
  • A copy of recent BAS

Once you return the signed letter of finance offer and the required documentation, our solicitors will prepare the loan documents for your signature. We ensure that your funds are available the same day our solicitors certify the loan documents and any necessary legal fees are paid.

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